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Should I Change the Locks or Install New Ones?

A common inquiry locksmiths receive is whether or not a homeowner should re-key their locks or install new ones entirely. In most cases, this answer comes down to budget, convenience and the overall situation for the homeowner.

Re-Keying Locks

When you re-key a lock, a locksmith will have to change out the cylinder inside the lock by using a new key. This will allow you access to the same lock of your home, but with a different key. Typically this process takes just a few minutes and then the locksmith will have to return with a new key. Re-keying is the cheaper of the two options. Since you are changing out the cylinder and not the lock itself, there is not an additional amount of labor on the part of the locksmith.

No matter what, your re-keying job will require specialty hardware. Never try to re-key your locks on your own. Even with the DIY advice available on the internet, using the wrong tools or methods can lead to expensive repairs or even the requirement of a new lock system altogether.

Installing New Locks

When you purchase and install new locks you are taking on an entirely new task. Though this option is a lot more costly than re-keying your homes locks, the advantage is that you do not typically need a locksmith to install them. Even with minimal home improvement or DIY experience, most consumers are capable of installing new locks in their home.

The cost associated with installing new locks falls onto the cost of the locks themselves. Higher-quality locks will obviously cost the homeowner more than lower-quality, but security is always sacrificed when quality is lowered.

The disadvantage to installing new locks without the assistance of a locksmith is the fact that the locking systems will not be guaranteed and there is the slight risk of installing them incorrectly. If a home has an alarm system or other specialty situation regarding Locksmith Stamford CT, a locksmith should always be contacted to prevent any disruption of service. Also, if the new lock does not have the right diameter as the old one, there is the risk of having to buy a new door. Using a locksmith can eliminate that risk since locksmiths have access to a variety of sizes and lock styles to fit just about any existing hole.

Should I Change the Locks or Install New Ones?

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Robert Huth 08/18/2017 13:20

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